5 mind-blowing activities in the Moroccan Sahara
5 mind-blowing activities in the Moroccan Sahara
5 mind-blowing activities in the Moroccan Sahara
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This time Akhiyat Driver Cars takes you to the Moroccan Sahara to discover 5 activities not to be missed in the Moroccan desert. In this article, we share with you 5 activities to make the most of your stay in the Moroccan Sahara.

1. Camping under the stars

Spending a night in the Marrakesh desert and sleeping under the stars is a unique experience that words can’t do justice to. Only those who have had the opportunity to discover the dunes in the cold of the night and under a million stars will understand the avalanche of emotions one can feel.  From Marrakech, there are several different itineraries in the desert. These routes take visitors to one of Morocco’s three main deserts. These are the Merzouga Desert, the Zagora Desert and the Agafay Desert. When you arrive in the desert, you’ll spend the night in sophisticated tented camps. You’ll find camps in the middle of nowhere with amenities such as a comfortable place to sleep, a toilet corner, seating, hot fires and much more.

2. Sandboarding, a great activity in the Moroccan Sahara

Sandboarding is an activity that tourists and locals alike enjoy on their trips to the desert. Here, you don’t need waves to surf. Instead, you use long surfboards to glide over the dunes. You’ll have the chance to go sandboarding if you visit one of the Sahara’s two main sand deserts. You can rent boards and safety equipment near the camps. If you’re traveling in the desert with friends or family, you can enjoy climbing to the top of a sand mountain to reach the ground standing (or sitting) on your board. To start again, you’ll have to climb back to the top. In winter, the temperature is so pleasant in the desert that you can sandboard at any time.

3) Discover the Moroccan desert oasis

Morocco’s Sahara Desert covers a huge area. Getting to the desert from Marrakech is not complicated by the many excursions that leave from the city. But depending on the destination you have chosen for your desert adventure, you can explore the possibility of embarking on an adventure to see a beautiful natural oasis. This type of experience usually lasts two or three hours. This makes it easy to incorporate into a day’s desert itinerary. In the Erg Chebbi desert, the M’Hamid oasis is a particular highlight. For centuries, it served as a stopover for camel caravans crossing the desert.

4) A camel ride not to be missed!

A camel ride in the desert is an experience not to be missed on your trip. This activity is available in any of the Moroccan deserts, but also in other tourist destinations such as the Palmeraie outside Marrakech. If you’re heading to the desert as part of a guided tour, I recommend reading the itinerary to see if this experience is included; if not, contact the organizers to see if there’s a way to make it happen. Besides, camels are very gentle creatures that have adapted wonderfully to contact and life with humans.

5. enjoy sunset or sunrise in the Moroccan Sahara

The tranquility and infinite beauty of the desert’s golden dunes are unmatched by any other natural spectacle on earth. Attending a sunset or sunrise in Morocco is a unique experience. The beauty of this activity is that it can easily be combined with many of the other activities listed above, enriching your experience or trip to the magical desert of Marrakech. For example, if you decide to camp in the Moroccan desert for the night, you can take a camel or quad ride at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the natural spectacle of the glitter on the overwhelming desert landscape.

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