Morocco, Spain and Portugal will host the Men’s World Cup in 2030
Morocco, Spain and Portugal will host the Men’s World Cup in 2030
Morocco, Spain and Portugal will host the Men’s World Cup in 2030
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Morocco, Spain and Portugal will jointly host the Men’s Football World Cup in 2030. Fifa also announced that three matches will take place in South America to mark the centenary of the tournament.

2030 World Cup: Fifa announces host countries

FIFA was to select a host country for next year’s World Cup. However, football’s governing body said the joint bid from Spain, Portugal and Morocco had now been successful. This decision comes following discussions with the regional federations.

As part of the announcement, Fifa said it was now launching an appeal for the 2034 tournament. The latter is aimed at hosts from Asia and Oceania who aspire to host the World Cup. Saudi Arabia announced its intention to bid shortly after, according to its official news agency.

The successful joint proposal marks the first time the tournament will take place on more than one continent. It follows the 2026 World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Fifa expects revenues of more than $10 billion from the competition in North America, compared with $6.3 billion generated by the event held in the small Gulf state of Qatar at the end of the last year.

Morocco replaces Ukraine to join Spain and Portugal:

Ukraine was part of the Spain-Portugal candidacy. However, they were replaced earlier this year by Morocco, who reached the semi-finals in Qatar.

A combined offer from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay had been seen as a potential alternative to the offer led by Spain. However, Fifa said a separate event to mark the first World Cup, won by host nation Uruguay in 1930, would be held instead. Each of the three South American countries will also host a single World Cup match in 2030.

The organization of the 2030 World Cup:

The federation said Spain, Portugal and Morocco “will work to deliver a memorable World Cup that will honor diversity and celebrate the history of the competition with the passion for football that unites the three countries.” Spain had already hosted the World Cup in 1982.

Fifa also announced that it would allow Russian youth teams to participate in upcoming under-17 competitions. Teams will have to participate without a national anthem or flag and under the name “Football Union of Russia”. They must participate wearing neutral colors.

Morocco will build a new stadium and renovate six others before the 2030 World Cup:

In order to prepare for the co-organization of the 2030 World Cup, Morocco plans to renovate six existing stadiums and build a large one in Benslimane, near Casablanca, the Prime Minister announced on Friday.

The office states in a press release that an agreement was reached the same day between the government and the CDG public fund to finance the construction of a new stadium which would be completed by 2028 for a total cost of 5 billion dirhams ( 500 million dollars).

The six stadiums are located in Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier. They will be renovated to host the 2030 World Cup and the African Cup of Nations in 2025, according to the report.

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