Agadir, between rich culture and unusual places
Agadir, between rich culture and unusual places
Agadir, between rich culture and unusual places
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sunshine has made Agadir, Morocco, the country’s number one tourist destination. The pristine beaches and the sun is the perfect combination for every tourist from colder countries across the globe. Let us go on a tour of the city.

If you are about to visit the city of Agadir and have no idea how to enjoy your trip? Many places are to be discovered and visited in the city representing the second tourist city of Morocco.

Agadir is a fine modern city now with wide avenues, blooming gardens, superb hotels, first grade airport and a magnificent port.

Other than this the first attraction for the tourists are the splendid beaches lined with lively resorts. The beaches are the most popular with the town lacking typical tourist attractions like museums, ancient monuments etc.

Located in the south of the country between modernity and unforgettable landscapes, Agadir conceals secrets that you can discover as a couple, with friends or with family.

Here is a selection of places that will make you want to visit this typical Moroccan city.

Find your destinations while cruising the city !

To get to the city of Agadir, we recommend that you first get a personal transportation which will ease your moving and discovering the whole area. 

In other words, vehicles are available for rental for the duration of your stay in the city or around the country.

We offer you the option of renting a car in Agadir from an airport at the start of your stay or through a hotel if you are staying there.

You will always be able to find a company that will take care of finding you a vehicle according to your needs in the city, since this is a process that takes place very often with tourists.

As with the means of accommodation if you do not have a family, you will always have the possibility of staying in a hotel or B&B, accessible to absolutely all budgets!

The must-see places of Agadir !

Kasbah: The Kasbah was built in 1540 by the Saadians to protect the city against the Portuguese. The ocean looks splendid from an height of 240m cliff overlooking the city and the port.

Valley of Birds: It is a zoo located in the heart of the city with a number of birds from around the world.

Suk (market): This is the famous open-air market to the southeast of the city. It is huge and spread over 6 hectares selling interesting merchandise and specializing in spices.

Folk Art Musuem: This museum was built in 1992 and you can catch some interesting and colorful folk arts and traditions of the Souss Valley here.

There is nothing pretentious about the Paradise Valley, since this place is known for its peaceful and natural side, almost wild.

If you are looking for a quiet and rejuvenating place, book your visit now!

Lose yourself in the alleys of Taroudant and its inspiring natural beauty. Not far away, the small village of Tiout will offer you a magnificent landscape thanks to its unique oasis!

A little further from the city, you can make a trip in the nature reserve as well as the small desert of Massa.

Do not hesitate to inform yourself well in advance about your vehicle rental, in order to spend the day there.

You can also visit the restaurants around here that serve traditional Moroccan cuisine though there are not many discos, clubs and bars.

Fun activities to do alone or in groups !

Between activity and visit, the beaches of Agadir are considered to be the most beautiful in North Africa. Many tourists mix with the local population to enjoy this magnificent and unique setting.

The more adventurous will go to Taghazoute to learn about surfing with schools present on site. The waves are perfect for getting started or for taming them for those who are already familiar with surfing. A natural and unusual place, the Valley of birds is an animal park that we strongly advise you to visit.

Another equally peaceful place to visit, The Portuguese Garden and its Museum of Memory will be open to everyone.

Agadir and its surroundings are easily accessible if you choose a rental vehicle.

Places with breathtaking landscapes as well as new activities will take your full attention, making it an unforgettable stay in Morocco’s second tourist city!

So, ready for an excursion filled with wonder?

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