Our best plans for your winter vacation in Morocco
Our best plans for your winter vacation in Morocco
Our best plans for your winter vacation in Morocco
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Many people choose to stay at home during the holidays in winter season. However, it is often better to spend your winter vacation in Morocco. Today, we offer you some tips for preparing for your vacation and making the most of your winter.  Morocco has many beautiful regions that tourists can explore at any time. For unforgettable winter trips, here are five breathtaking destinations. 

Aït Bouguemez

Still little known to the general public, Aït Bouguemez is considered one of the most idyllic destinations in Morocco. The kasbah, nicknamed the happy valley, is very popular with thrill-seekers who can do various activities there. Canyoning, hiking and climbing for instance. Aït Bouguemez is ideal for visitors who want to spend a moment of relaxation and a change of scenery. Where they can have a relaxing stay and discover the M’goun massif in the central High Atlas. The beauty of the fauna and flora of Aït Bouguemez attracts visitors from all over the world.

Bin El Ouidane, your perfect winter vacation in Morocco

Nothing like a short stay as a couple in Bin El Ouidane for a romantic weekend. Away from the hustle and bustle and stress of the city. Built in 1950, this dam has become in a few years a very popular destination for Moroccans and foreigners. To meet the demand for accommodation from visitors, hotels and hostels have multiplied in Bin El Ouidane. The lake is not only a place to relax and get away from it all. It offers the opportunity to practice various activities such as wakeboarding, kayaking and banana boating.

Dejbel Moussa

The Dejbel Moussa mountain, located in northern Morocco, rises to more than 850 meters above sea level. Once at the top, hiking and climbing enthusiasts will certainly be happy. They will have a panoramic view of the Strait of Gibraltar. You can rent accommodation from local residents or stay in a hostel for your stay. Dejbel Moussa is located approximately 30 km from Tangie


The Michlifen ski resort, located less than 20 kilometers from Ifrane, opened its doors in 1950. Located at an altitude of 2000 meters, this wonder is in the heart of a large cedar forest. Every year, Michlifen opens its doors between mid-November and the end of March. A total of five slopes are available for beginners. Ski experts who want to relive the pleasures of skiing and winter sports in general. There is a hotel on site. You can also find a large number of hostels and guest houses a little further from Michlifen.

Oukaimeden, ideal for your winter vacation in Morocco

Adventure seekers will find what they are looking for Oukaimden. A ski resort located about 75 kilometers from the Ocher City and at an altitude of 3,200 meters. This resort has ski lifts, including a ski lift and a chairlift. With over 20 ski resorts, you can enjoy all kinds of winter sports. There are several tourist facilities around Oukaimden. You can also settle in Marrakech and enjoy the mild climate of the city. 

Are you planning a vacation in Morocco for this end of the year? 

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